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Registration For Returning Students

Hearst Elementary 2021-2022  Registration

Greetings Hearst Families,

Please read the information below related to completing online registration. Also, remember to register for the Hearst Future Fund via this link to complete registration, support our students, volunteer, make donations, and join the Hearst PTA. We need your support this year more than ever!

General Information:
PUSD will conduct Online Registration for the 2021-22 school year starting on July 30, 2021. To participate, log in to the Q Parent Connection portal at using your secure PIN number and password. Each parent/guardian has their own unique PIN and password.

If you have not previously logged in to Q Parent Connection, please refer to the letter mailed to parents and guardians last week which includes your login information. You should change the password the first time you log in to the portal by clicking on the "My Account" link.

If you have logged in previously and are unsure of your PIN and password, visit Q Parent Connection and click on the "Need Your Login Information?" link right under PIN and password boxes (at the top left of page). You'll be prompted to enter your email address. A PIN and your password will be emailed to you.

If you need further assistance, please CLICK HERE to create a technology ticket with the names and student ID numbers of your students.

Complete the Registration (starting July 30, 2021) for your student(s) in two steps:

PART I: VOLUNTEER sign-ups, PURCHASE school items, and/or DONATE ONLINE before Walk-Through:

LOG IN to your school’s individual FutureFund site which is displayed on the Q Parent Connection portal (lower left side of page) to complete school-specific activities, such as purchasing yearbooks and P.E. clothes, joining PTA, and donating to non-profit organizations that support each school (Note: the Q PIN and password are NOT needed for FutureFund)

PART II: COMPLETE the following steps ONLINE:
LOG IN to Q Parent Connection at with your PIN and password
CLICK on the blue “Online Registration/Emergency Info” link (at the top right side) to begin the 6-step process
*CLICK REVIEW/UPDATE, CONFIRM, and SUBMIT at each step (even if there are no changes to your information)
STEP 1: Contact Demographics - Parent/guardian current email, employer, occupation, and phone number(s)
STEP 2: Student Demographics
Self certify your RESIDENCY online. This year, parents/guardians will be able to self-certify their address. If you have moved, and now have a different address than what is listed in the Student Information System, please contact your school site attendance staff to provide the new address and proof of residency.
Visit this link for a video tutorial about registration, or review written instructions at this link.

STEP 3: Emergency Contacts - “Contact/Release” is the recommended option
STEP 4: Health Information
STEP 5: Releases and Affirmations
STEP 6: Signature - sign electronically to indicate registration is complete
COMPLETE Steps 2-6 for each of your students

Thank you for completing online registration for your child(ren) to attend school in PUSD. Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!

Contact Debra Patterson at (925) 426-3772 or via email at [email protected].

Carla Henderson, Ed.
Phoebe A. Hearst Elementary (925-426-3772)