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Registration For Returning Students




Hearst Elementary 2018-2019   Walk-Through Registration



Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year & Walk-Through Registration. PUSD is continuing with the online registration process. You will update your student’s emergency card information through PUSD’s “Q” Parent Connection. If you are a new student, you should have received a sealed postcard with information about PUSD Parent Connection, along with a PIN number and password to access the “Q” Parent Connection. Returning students should have their PIN and password from last year to use to log in. If you have lost your PIN and/or password, contact



STEP 1 – Beginning August 1, Register your student online


Go to to the “Q” Parent Connection home page, scroll down to the “Support Our Students” area on the left side of the page to visit Hearst FutureFund. FutureFund is where you can join PTA, purchase school related items, donate to your child’s class, volunteer for PTA events, buy a yearbook and more. Print receipt for purchases and bring with you to registration.


After FutureFund, return to the “Q” Parent Connection home page. Please continue the registration process by logging on and then clicking the blue “Registration/Emergency Info” link at the top of the right side of the page. Start the Re-enrollment review. Update all information as necessary. When all steps are shown as completed, click the + sign to expand and PRINT the confirmation page to bring with you to registration.



STEP 2 - Tuesday, August 7 - Attend Walk-Through Registration at Hearst Multi-Use room


At Walk-Through Registration, you are required to bring:


    1)  Parent "Q" Connection confirmation printout


    2)  PTA FutureFund receipt (if you purchased something)


   3)  Two different original Proofs of Residency documents. Acceptable proof would be a current utility bill (within 2 months such as PG&E, water garbage or cable TV (no cell phone bills); original rental/lease agreement signed within the last 2 months; or recent close of escrow papers 


Please try to follow the schedule below in order to avoid long lines, according to first letter of student’s last name:


    9:00-10:00    S-Z

   10:00-11:00    P-R

   11:00-12:00    M-O

   12:00-1:00      H-L

     1:00-2:30      CLOSED

     2:30-3:30      D-G

     3:30-4:00      A-C plus open registration

Your student’s teacher assignment will only be given after all forms have been turned in at Walk-Through Registration. This includes all forms requiring parent/child information and parent signatures (confirmation printout from “Q” Parent Connection).


To complete WTR as quickly as possible, we highly recommend that you pay online with your credit card. If you choose not to pay online, please bring cash or checks with you.


Please visit our school website ( for the 2018-19 School Calendar, School Supply Donation lists, and much more. On behalf of the staff and community of Hearst, we would like to thank you so much for your support.  We are looking forward to seeing you at WTR.

Elias  Muñiz                                           Lea Odom

Principal                                                PTA President