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ESSR ELPAC/CAASPP Parent Notification Letter

March 2019

Re: Changes to providing Student Score Reports to parents/guardians

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Each spring, students in grades three through eight and eleven participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, which includes California Assessment of Student Progress and Performance (CAASPP),  and California Alternative Assessment (CAA). Students in grades five, eight and eleven/twelve take the California Science Test (CAST). In addition, all students who are English Learners are assessed annually on their English Language Proficiency through the English Learner Proficiency Assessment in California (ELPAC).  

The California Department of Education has developed a new way to share student scores for CAASPP and ELPAC in 2019.  All State Assessment Student Score Reports will be available electronically through the Parent Portal of our Student Information System instead of mailed as hard copy reports.  As of March 1, Student Score Reports for the previous three years of CAASPP and the past year of ELPAC are available in the parent portal of our Student Information System, Aequitas Solutions, better known as Q.  All parents and guardians can access these reports by logging in to the Parent Portal and clicking on the Testing tab which is on the left hand side of the dashboard. When clicking on this tab, a dropdown will appear and parents/guardians can choose which test they would like to view, and which year.  When you click on this option, the Student Score Report will appear for parents and guardians to review. It is recommended to access the parent portal with a desktop, laptop or tablet for optimal viewing. To see how this process looks, click here: for a series of screenshots on accessing Electronic Student Score Reports through the Parent Portal of ‘Q’.

This change is being made in order to maintain an efficient and timely delivery of student score reports to parents and guardians.  Previously, these reports were mailed in bulk to the Pleasanton Unified School District Assessment and Accountability Department. Then the Assessment and Accountability Department mailed individual student reports to parents and guardians.  If students had moved, the reports were returned as unable to be delivered and staff would then need to find a new address and forward to parents/guardians. This effort was costly, time consuming, and would delay the delivery of important academic information to parents and guardians.  

For parents/guardians without access to the internet enabled devices, it is possible to request a printed copy of the CAASPP or ELPAC Student Score Report from your student’s school site administrator.  

Please contact the Assessment and Accountability Department with any questions.

Pam VandeKamp

Director of Assessment and Accountability

[email protected]